What is scoliosis?
Scoliosis, or thoracic asymmetry, is a condition that causes the spine to curve to the side. It can happen at any part of the spine, but most commonly affects the thoracic spine (chest area) and lumbar spine (low back). There are no identifiable causes for scoliosis but family history is a known contributing factor.

The majority of children with scoliosis do not require treatment as the curve often corrects itself with growth. However, depending on the degree of curvature and the age of the child, a combination of physical therapy and bracing may be recommended to help with mechanical back pain and prevent worsening scoliosis. Patients are followed up every 3-6 months with repeat radiographs performed in-house to assess the rate and degree of spinal curve progression.

Surgery is rarely recommended. However, in cases that warrant surgery, our colleagues at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) are available for consults directly through our office. We also offer patients a large database of other orthopedic specialists whom have demonstrated excellent patient care and positive patient outcomes.