Your First Visit

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We Look Forward to Seeing You

We hope to make your first visit as seamless and efficient as possible. To minimize your wait time, we recommend that all new and established new patients complete all required forms prior to the visit. These forms include patient and billing information as well as insurance documentation. You can begin the registration process and complete these forms by clicking on the Patient Portal (patients must be scheduled for an appointment to access the online portal). This link was also emailed to you when you scheduled your appointment with our front office staff.

After you complete the registration process, the online portal will direct you to a page with 6 large boxes. At this point, you will click the yellow box titled “Appointment Check-In” and complete all 11 tasks of the check-in process. This includes a review of systems, medical history, medication list, etc. You will see green check marks to the left of all the tasks once completed. At this point, please click “Complete Check-In Process”. If for any reason you are having trouble with the online portal, you can also download Patient Forms here and complete it prior to your visit. Patient forms are also available in office and may be completed when you arrive at your appointment.

If you are looking to be seen at Primary Care Sports Medicine, you may call to schedule an appointment with our front office staff. Depending on the injury and physician availability, we strive to fit you into the schedule within 24-48 hours. Same day appointments may be made depending on the severity of injury. We recommend that all new and established new patients complete all required forms prior to your visit, via the online Patient Portal, to minimize wait times and have you seen by our doctors as soon as possible.

We request that you complete all paperwork prior to your visit and, bring your current insurance card, and a form of identification to your initial visit. Once you arrive, our receptionist will greet you and your information will be processed. You will then be called in by a medical assistant/nurse to have a brief history taken. Next you will be seen by the doctor and an examination will be performed. Depending on the doctor’s assessment, x-rays may be ordered and performed here in office. If x-rays were taken, the doctor will read the images during the visit and the practitioner will convey the results to you. Once the doctor has concluded a diagnosis, any durable medical equipment (cast, brace, splint, crutches, etc.) will be fitted and provided by the medical assistant/nurse.

You will then check out with the receptionist who will assist you with any coordinating care recommended by the doctor. This may include a physical therapy referral, surgical referral, prescriptions, or additional testing or imaging.

Our goal at Primary Care Sports Medicine is to provide you with efficient and complete care that will allow you to return to the activities or sports that you love.