About Us

Proudly serving Tarzana, Agoura Hills and Los Angeles County

PCSM’s mission is simple: Developing lasting friendships through excellent care. Since 2003, PCSM has provided complete care to all active persons throughout Southern California. PCSM was founded by Dr. Byron Patterson, a former athlete with a passion for sports medicine and healthy living. Dr. Patterson’s dream was to create a practice committed to overall athlete well-being. His savvy business model has allowed him to develop a very constructive plan to act as the gatekeepers for all orthopedic injuries, allowing him and his colleagues to be leading providers in the proactive of Primary Care Sports Medicine.

Sports Medicine in Los Angeles, Tarzana and Agoura Hills

As the gatekeepers, our physicians are able to adequately assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of sports related injuries. Our physicians believe in working with the patient in developing a treatment plan tailored to the patients’ specific needs and athletic goals. When being treated by one of PCSM’s sports physicians, you can rest assured that you will be getting world-class treatment from practitioners who know exactly what you are going through. As competitive athletes themselves, they have the personal experience in dealing with injuries, as well as the knowledge in the most effective course of treatment to get patients back in the game as quickly and safely as possible. Dr. Patterson and his colleagues do not just treat symptoms – they address the root cause of injuries to prevent future problems.

The environment of Primary Care Sports Medicine is unlike most doctors’ offices. The PCSM physicians strive to relate to every patient they treat. Our entire team believes that an integral part of care is confidence, trust, and a clear understanding of what is happening inside of each patient’s body. A former athlete, Dr. Patterson knows the value of active lifestyles and the importance of effective treatment and recovery. After one visit, our patients become a member of the Primary Care Sports Medicine family.